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Paralyze Attack

Paralyze Attack


Description: The online flash game Paralyze Attack.

Another spaceship shooter, but this time slow down time, and drag enemy ships into your weapons fire.

Paralyze Attack play information:
Paralyze attack is a fast shoot em up with a tactical slowmotion, bullettime mode.
Fight different type of enemies in this space shooter.
New behaving enemies will appear as you advance through the game including special enemies that react differently than the standard ones and big bosses.
You-ll have a standard weapon and a special one that will evolve as you destroy enemies.
Detailed instructions are in-game.

Paralyze Attack controls:
Use the paralyze attack by pressing Spacebar.
press it again to turn it off.
Move with the w,a,s,d keys and shoot using your mouse.

Tags: Shooter, shooting game, flash game, action game, space shooter, spaceships, fly, free flash game, weapons.